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Our core leadership team consists of 5 people (Engineer, Economist and Journalist):

Mir Monaz Haque, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher: He studied Naval Architecture at Berlin Engineering University. He has over 20 years of working experience in many international companies and institutions. In the year 2003 he has done further education in the area of online publication and journalism at TÜV-Academy, Berlin and has established IT Media Publishing Company. Since 2005 he is the Editor and Publisher of the online journal AsiaToday in Europe.

Dr. Golam Mohiuddin, Senior Editor: He studied Energy and Process Engineering at Berlin Engineering University and Aachen University. Golam has over 30 years of international working experience in the area of nuclear engineering. His knowledge of the world of finance and engineering has been invaluable to us in establishing this media business.

David Andersen, Managing Editor: David was educated in Los Angeles, California. He has many years of experience as a writer, translator, and editor. He is also a much published cartoonist and illustrator and has won several awards. He has been involved with AsiaToday since July 2012.

Patrick Botlero, Economist, Special Editor India
Anan Yang, Journalist, Special Editor China

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